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Oxballs Glowhole-1 Buttplug with LED Insert Small Clear Frost

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    Blue Ox Designs Oxballs


GLOWHOLE is Oxballs slick new fuckplug based on our super popular PIGHOLESÖ it has all the best features of a PIGHOLE: a ergo shape that fits just right shaped to stretch your hole wider where you want with a shaft your hole can really grip. The ìheadísî design keeps the toy right where you want it it wont spin or twist unless you want it too.

The base is wider longer and curved to open your hole and keep you spread the base forms to fit against your holeóits huge funnel-flow shape and wide fat rim insures a great view and full access.

Our PIGHOLES are made of platinum liquid silicone we made GLOWHOLES in our amazing PLUS+silicone translucent-clear TPR/Silicone blendÖThis stuff is slickóthe surface feels velvety and it spreads the LED glow around your hole and deep inside.

A tiny LED bullet insert at the base safely lights up the core of this plugÖ it's small and nestles in a slit in the base... its case is silicone to keep it waterproof juice proof lube proof. The LED cycles through 45 colors filling you with bold lush color.

Length: 6î/ 15.24 cm

Width: 1.5î-4î/ 3.81 cm-10.16 cm

Largest circumference: 16î/ 40.64 cm

Smallest Circumference: 6.5î/ 16.51 cm

Usable circumference: 6.5î-9î/ 16.51 cm-22.86 cm

Inner hole circumference: 3.93î/ 9.98 cm

Weight: 11.52 oz / 326.59 g