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432mood.com is a company dedicated to the fight against the shaming, the repression, and the suppression of sexuality, sexual preference, and sexual exploration still very present today.

432 Symbolizes the time to be enamored with oneself. Accepting oneself for who you are and fall in love with all the little elements of yourself that you may take for granted.

It is a powerful manifestation number that signifies faith, new cycles, fresh starts, and inspiration.

432 signifies an invitation and encouragement to explore and follow your heart.

What better way to become enamored with oneself than to release the assumption, the judgement, and the defining of others based on their limited beliefs, then to truly learn who you are and that includes your sexual personality.  So that you can empower yourself to fall in love with who you are and all your special elements that make you, well, you.

What better way to learn your sexual personality than to explore what your sexual pleasures and kinks are alone or with others.

432mood.com is founded by partners in business and life, Alex and Alexis. Alexis is a health and fitness coach who blogs all things health and fitness, including sexual health. She writes often about the healing power of orgasms, how orgasms heal the physical, the mental, and the emotional health to promote overall well-being. 

To experience the healing power of orgasms, one must have orgasms.  Faking does not promote healing.  Each of our bodies are different and to teach partners what brings us to the power of an orgasm, we must first learn for ourselves.

432mood.com is more than an adult products store, we look at our customers as a community of individuals and couples who are committed to living their best lives. So we are dedicated to not only bringing you the highest quality products on the market with a lowest price guarantee,  we are committed to bringing you a personalized customer service experience.

You have the anonymity shopping online for your sexual health products, and orgasmic fun, our customer service team is just a click away to provide you with personalized service and guidance when desired.