Woman’s Sexual Health and a Smart Man will read to ...

Woman’s Sexual Health and a Smart Man will read to ...


because a smart man wants to gain understand to support!

As a woman who is turning 50 in a few short months, I know a thing or two about the changes that occur in a woman’s body.

Aging in itself creates change! As if aging isn’t enough- Woman, unlike Men, experience so much more than men such as periods, pregnancy and the birthing of a baby, pre- menopause, and menopause just to list a few of the big changes that happens within our bodies.

Each of these experiences bring change to the female body and new challenges for keeping or getting fit!

We cannot control or prevent all things and there is a lot we can control and prevent. More importantly, there are holistic and medical options available to correct that which we cannot control.

I have personally been very outspoken about my plan and intention to age un- gracefully meaning I will do what it takes to be fit and healthy... and to always look and feel my very best by maintaining a weight training schedule that keeps my body tight, metabolism high, and my bones strong along with a cardio schedule to keep my heart healthy, proper nutrition to keep my energy strong, blood levels healthy, and body fat low.

And, in addition not replacement of, I personally will take advantage of modern medicine, procedures, and treatments to help age un-gracefully because I always want my exterior appearance to match how I feel- my health age. Living a truly healthy lifestyle is a priority for me and it keeps you much younger than the years you have lived.

That is the right choice for me!

We are all individuals and have the freedoms to make personal choice.

The freedom to make choice is amazing and we as humans can truly abuse such power by making really stupid choices that are very costly! Not only financially costly, choices that cost us quality of living, choices that limit our ability to do things we enjoy doing, and even choices that cost of years of living!

It is just as easy and cost effective to eat proper nutrition for energetic healthy living as it is to eat poorly for a drug dependent low energy existence.

So to me, a healthy lifestyle is non negotiable!

It’s important for both sexes; and as a woman, it is non negotiable as our nutrition and exercise habits have such a direct impact on the severity of our menstrual cycles, pregnancy health, delivery health, menopause symptoms, bone strength as we age, skin as we age, and our clothing size plus so much more!

How we look on the outside is just an added bonus... the reasons to make change for a healthy lifestyle go so much deeper!

That includes what’s happening inside our vagina!

We cannot forget about our sexual health! Taking care of our vaginas is so much more than an annual Pap smear and doing your daily Kegel exercises... which most woman don’t do correctly- we will talk more about that.

Taking care of your vagina means keeping it strong and youthful for you!! Yes, your partner will appreciate your efforts AND your efforts are for you.

Here’s why it’s important!

Even if you never had a baby or haven’t had a baby yet, our vaginas with age lose elasticity just as our skin does. Every decade our vaginas weaken. Weakening leads to incontinence at varying degrees for most woman and others even experience organs dropping into their vaginas. As if those symptoms are not embarrassing and bad enough- a weakened vagina decreases sexual pleasure for woman which leads to decreased desire if any desire for sex exist at all.


I cannot believe the number of woman who live with incontinence at any level because they feel it’s just normal occurrence after __________ (having babies, turning a certain age, etc). There are so many reasons woman have given to fill in that blank.

It’s only normal because we have not been properly educated.

First and foremost, when Kegel became a thing they were actually performed with a device and they were highly effective for preventing loss of elasticity by keeping the vagina strong and youthful. They were also highly effective for reversing issues because they strengthened the weakened vagina back to youth. It’s important to note studies show that Kegels without the device are not very effective at maintaining youth and are certainly not very effective at reversing incontinence issues, quality of sex, etc.

So how can we properly do Kegels to maintain for those younger readers and to reverse for the older readers. We have many options as I started with weighted Kegel balls purchased at Starship. In addition to doing Kegel exercises, I worked out and actually spent most of my day walking around holding two weighted balls in my vagina. It was quite funny because if there was silence I could move my hips and we could actually hear the balls hitting each other.

I then advanced to the crystal eggs which come in different sizes for starters, intermediate, and advanced. Advanced are for those that can probably crack a walnut with their vaginas:)

In my journey I was introduced to holistic sex expert Kim Anami on social media thanks to my good friend when I was sharing what I was doing and what it was doing for me. So few women own their sexuality meaning they talk freely about sex as I do that I was immediately a fan of Kim. Great sex on the regular is important to me. I believe in having multiple orgasms every day. I believe orgasms have healing power both physical and mental. And I believe that having sex everyday is super beneficial in a relationship for the relationship, each individual in the relationship, and for the individuals as a couple. There is so much science and study to back my belief. And, of course, being so committed to being fit and also being competitive by nature I decided to join her as a fellow vagina weight lifter. I have invested in her Kung Fu Vagina Weight Lifting Kit and her Sexual Essential Oils. I listen to her podcast and never miss a post. Both @alexpilson and I will be going through her different programs and we are even planning to attend her retreats.

Why would we not invest in our sexual health? Why would not invest in fun work that will keep taking our sexual intimacy to higher levels. It’s an important part of life. It’s an important part of a relationship. And if it’s not- it should be!

When I can move furniture with my vagina I will make sure Pilson records and we post the proof. I am well on my way. And no, the video will not be showing my vagina.

Ladies, you do fully understand the stronger our vaginas the better our sex. The better our orgasms. So this is truly a selfish decision that gives a great gift! Have you ever heard a man tell a woman her vagina was too tight and could you please loosen it up before tomorrow night?

Preventative holistic and healing holistically is a must because it heals and maintains full circle which includes healing one mentally and physically for true sex health. .

I personally feel that every person can and would benefit from Kim’s workshops, retreats, and products. The question is who is open minded to learning and improving their sexual relationship with their partner? Too many of you will think your sex is good enough or always great and not in need of improvement or you do not have the time. Many more will think she is inappropriate and I am inappropriate.

My heart feels for people who are not learning based because we don’t know what we don’t know until we learn it! I thrive in constant growth... I invest in personal growth and improvement.

We all have the ability and space to learn more than we currently know.

And if I benefit from mind blowing orgasms and could have more of them why would I not want to take full advantage!

Now, there are a lot of options for those impatient, like me! These options are great AND I do not believe they replace the other. I think they are in addition to if you are truly interested in taking your sexual health to the highest level!!

For those of us who don’t have incontinence issues insurance is not going to pay... and it is an investment in you!

Just as we get a facial to rejuvenate our skin and collagen, there are procedures to rejuvenate the vagina.

These procedures are not without controversy, lawsuit, and risk. As any procedure for any part of your anatomy requires a waiver to proceed.

Most popular options for woman are laser and the o-shot.

Laser options were originally created to correct incontinence issues. It was then discovered that they rejuvenate the vagina giving woman their youthful vaginas back meaning a tighter stronger and better lubricated vagina.

Ladies, it’s going to get confusing because many doctors do not believe a woman without significant incontinence issues should utilize these treatment options. My doctor was one of those. I believe insurance politics has a lot to do with this and let’s face it... there are many in this world who believe we should just accept what each decade brings with open arms.

I say fuck that!

I did my own research and reference checks. Again, all procedures have some risk. Driving down the street comes with risk so life and living life has risk!! You understand that, right?

Upon my research I felt confident and proceeded with the plan recommended for a woman of my age that has never given birth vaginally. My plan includes an o-shot to start, three femme 360 treatments a week apart thereafter, and a second o-shot 6 months after last laser.

I have zero regret!! What I felt is exactly what they said I would feel!

And the results are awesome!

I plan on doing a femme 360 maintenance visit once a year. I would probably do it every month if they would let me and I don’t think that is allowed:) I will be participating in the frequency permitted because I also want my vagina to stay as young as I feel! I want sex to remain pleasurable and something I look forward to every single day.

Ladies, you are the keeper of your body! Do your own research and be the decision maker for your own health and happiness!

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