Sexual Health Part 1, Post 1 of 2

Sexual Health Part 1, Post 1 of 2

And, if a woman doesn’t know what pleases her, how can she communicate it to her partner. And most men, sorry guys, just do not take the time to learn what makes their partner experience mind blowing orgasms; therefore, for a lot of woman sex might seem more like a chore because it’s well just not that satisfying for them.

Here is what I promise every man. Take your intimacy to the next level by creating an openness of communication that gives space to discuss freely and without judgement both of your fantasies, physical changes happening with each of your bodies at different phases in life- the different decades... and you take the time to explore your partners body. As you start taking pleasure in her having mind blowing orgasms (plural was intended here:) before you release, you will create a passion in your relationship where you just can’t keep your hands off of each other. You will never complain again that you are not getting enough sex!! Or about the quality of sex you are having.

How does that sound?

I already know what the ladies are thinking! They are ready to have their mind blown.

Now as we enter discussion on different ways for woman and men to keep their sexual health strong and youthful throughout each decade, I want you to first ask yourself how your other health is. Do you have the physical health to enjoy one to two to three hours a day of incredible mind blowing sex and intimacy with your partner? If the answer is no, what changes are you willing to make with nutrition, exercise, and mindset to bring fireworks back into your sex life?

To ultimately have the sex life you desire?