Sexual Health Explained

Sexual Health Explained

Female sexuality and sexual health is, well, so much more complicated than men’s.

Or so we have been taught.

Although there are differences between the sexes, each are equally as complicated, just in different ways.

When I first decided to share what Alex and I are doing to keep our sexual organs strong and youthful it was more about educating and providing exposure on different methods and options we explored and why.

I am super passionate about health and fitness, a healthy and active sex life is an important part of a truly healthy lifestyle.

I have seen friends of both sexes lose interest in sex for various reasons and I personally never want that to happen with me or my partner! I desire a relationship where I cannot wait to have sex with my partner. I desire a sexual bond that is so connected I cannot keep my hands off of him. And sex that is so fucking amazing I catch myself in thought of him throughout the day!

And I realized that I cannot just make these post about available treatments to reverse and prevent aging effects on sexual organs as if that alone creates a healthy sex life. If I cannot first open your minds to learn and grow and to explore the possibilities of what a healthy lifestyle can bring to you personally and to your relationships than I am failing you as a friend... as a coach... as a health and fitness professional.

So before I share what Pilson and I have done and are doing to each maintain our sexual strength and youthfulness we must dive in a little deeper.

There is so much that can impact ones desire for, ability to perform, and enjoyment of sex. Such as ones Mindset, ones fitness level, ones hormone levels, ones self esteem and insecurities, ones health, ones age, ones trust or lack thereof in their relationship, and ones sexual history.

If the world were a perfect place we would all be healthy and strong physically, mentally, and sexually. It is not a perfect place!

We come into this world innocent, nude, and open minded... and then we have influences along the way that jade us, mold us, and create beliefs that we then judge others and the world by.

Who determines what is normal and what’s not?

Who determines what is right and wrong?

Who determines what is moral and what is not?

I personally was raised in a household where the religion chosen at the time (we religion hopped) determined those things, God being used to create fear, punishment, and judgement was high.

I have always been a very intuitive person. I have always been strong and independent in my thinking. I have always been inquisitive and learning based. And I am quite honestly not trusting until proven it can be trusted- this goes for all things including people.

In a world where so many easily confirm without challenge- don’t think that is true? Just look at how most confirmed to being quarantined, masked, and life shut down without push back. I could be considered scandalous.

I don’t live my life by what my parents think is right or wrong, by what my friends think is right or wrong, or what anyone thinks is right or wrong.

I abide by the law (except for when it comes to speed limits:) and I ask myself the impact my action have on others. If what I want to do has no negative impact on others and might actually have a positive impact on them, who is to say it wrong? So yes, I do tend to challenge that or those that say I cannot do something that causes no harm and might cause good plus actually help.

Does that make me right?

Does it make me wrong?

I am sure you will judge one way or the other and what I hope is that you will learn to stop judging, remain open minded, challenge your current beliefs so you can form your own beliefs, and then commit to always being open for continued mindset growth and evolvement for the better. Not to mention better understanding of others.

The world now more than ever needs high thinkers and smart challengers to maintain freedom and expression... and rights such as going outside for fresh air and working. Things that covid took away for so many!

Bringing this back full circle to sexual health. There are unbelievable options, techniques, and procedures available to keep your sexual health strong and youthful. If your mental health and beliefs around sex are limited, your self esteem is poor, your self confidence is lacking, you are physically out of shape, and your overall health is poor it is imperative that you work on all of these areas to come full circle and live a truly healthy lifestyle.

They are all equally important to you fully opening up and releasing all the sexual energy you have locked up inside! Repressed and Suppressed from embedded beliefs and judgements of others.