Men’s Sexual Health, Women should read too...

Men’s Sexual Health, Women should read too...

Growing up I was taught to believe that women- thanks to Eve making Adam take a bite of the apple- have life so much tougher than men thanks to periods, childbirth, menopause, etc.

I never quite understood the curse as I really enjoyed being a female. Aside from menstrual cramps, I thought the fact that our vaginas were self cleaning by means of a period was pretty fucking amazing! And the fact that we can literally grow another human being in our bodies and bond with that human well before birth is remarkable!!

The female body is simply beautiful and let’s be honest, men think so too...

... so I have never felt cursed! Although my reasons have changed throughout the years I have always felt really happy I was born female.

Okay, I admit I thought being a girl when I was young was so much better than being a boy because I didn’t have to worry about tucking a penis and testicles in my pants- what a relief. Then came hormones and I admit again still feeling being a girl is so much better because we had what every boy wanted:) and with that came a certain power. I know some times have changed and when I was growing up, girls I felt ruled! Why? Think about it... boys did all the asking and girls either agreed or rejected. Asking for a date, asking for the relationship, asking for or making the first moves towards sex, and more.

There has really not been a time in my life where I ever felt men have had it easier. And, if being totally honest, I have actually felt men have had it harder... especially depending on the era.

Yes, I have always appreciated having a vagina. Never as much as I do now!

That’s right!! Ladies, listen up, if you have ever thought being a woman was harder than being a man there is evidence to the contrary.

With all the differences and impacts we have on our bodies such as periods, childbirth, and menopause, we already discussed that there is so much we can do starting with strength training and proper nutrition to change and adjust the level of how each of these impact us.

There is one thing we have that men can never have!

That my friends is the Power of the Pussy!

Ladies, we may have shifts in hormones etc that lessen or remove our desire and we can still fake it. God knows there are a lot of great actresses out there!

Thanks to lube and other options a woman can always perform.

Men are not so fortunate. Remember that youthful hard on that couldn’t be controlled. As men age they still have no control; however, now it’s not a matter of how many times a day their penis’s will erect without warning- it is a thought will I be able to get an erection at all.

How is that for pressure?

Just as female arousal is both physical and mental, men are no different.

First and foremost I believe most people have some level of mental block when it comes to sex.

Why do I believe that?

All one has to do is look at all the different religions that interpret the Bible in different ways and then project those interpretations on people creating certain beliefs about sex...

Or look at beliefs of different cultures...

Or look at peer pressures of societies during different eras...

Or the different experiences each person has sexually that form certain beliefs...

Or what your parents wanted you to believe...

Do you get my point? Chances are you have not experienced the best sex of your life because mentally you can’t! This is why to truly experience sexual health exploring and participating in holistic sex therapy options such as those offered by my fav @KimAnami is important.

One can correct all things physical and if mental health is not present the ability to perform can still be absent.

One can correct all things physical, be able to perform, and if mental health is not present the ability to truly release and experience mind blowing sex for hours will be absent.

Mental health is not negotiable!

Emotional health is not negotiable!

Now that we got that out of the way let’s explore men’s sexual health and what happens with age.

Just like woman, men have hormones and as men age the hormone levels change. Testosterone is the most important androgen (male sex hormone) in men! Why? It is needed for normal reproductive and sexual function, not to mention, muscle and bone strength.

Old school medicine with the influence of insurance- based on what insurance will pay for and what they won’t pay for- has determined a “normal” range of hormones including levels of the all important testosterone level. Those so called “normal” levels have a huge range in variance of 800 points.

Now I am not a doctor and I believe the average person can assess that a man with a testosterone level of 270 is experiencing a different sex drive and energy for just about everything else compared to the man who has a level of 1070.

As if that is not mind blowing enough. Let’s look at what is considered “normal” for maturing age groups.

“Normal” Testosterone levels for men 50 to 59 are 215 with bio available being to –80 –420. Men 60 to 69 levels are 196–to 859 with bio available being 69 to 356. Men 70 to 79 levels are 156 to 819 with bio available 41 to 279.

If quality of life diminishes especially the quality and frequency of sex why would we not take action to bring levels up to youthful levels?

Are we going to let the monetary side of medicine through insurance determine our quality of life... and sex?

It’s a choice we each have to make and I don’t think the choice can be made without proper knowledge and test results.

A mans sexual health is not all about testosterone and that is what most doctors test for only because of insurance... and/ or their old fashioned belief system of normal for the age. Men, it is not enough to just have testosterone levels checked. A full blood analysis is required for proper analysis and adjustment. Testosterone levels can be great and other hormones could be off blocking your testosterone from doing what it is meant to do.

Alex and I both went the route of insurance controlled testing and were both rejected for any treatment or procedure to bring hormones to youthful number because we were in "normal range".

Remember me sharing that I told my Daughters my goal is for them is to get calls on the regular from the nursing home that I got busted again having sexual relations?? I never intend for my desire and/ or my enjoyment of sex to ever diminish so I call bullshit on “normal” . Normal or average is never an answer for me or Pilson.

Normal or average is based on averaging humans. Most humans have chosen to be unhealthy and that has changed normal in a detrimental way. Fucked everyone over by ever changing guidelines for what is covered and what is not by insurance.

Since when has anyone wanted to be average? Don't most strive for excellence?

To be the head of the class? To be the leader of? The be the master of? To set themselves apart with something?

To excel at ???

Just like my decision to tweak my body through elective surgery to keep my youthful appearance as I age by correcting and/or maintaining and/or preventing, I look at medical and sexual health the same way... there is benefit to being proactive to prevent and/ or maintain; and, it’s never too late to correct or reverse.

All health should be a top priority in life!!! Without health nothing else matters.


Making health a priority, Alex and I turned to the award winning practice of Bubulo Medical in Acworth for consultation and services. We are not going to trust our sexual health to just anyone. There are experts in every area! In every state!

For proper blood work, analysis, and treatment seeking an expert in male sexual health is imperative.

While Testosterone mostly impacts desire and drive.... it is blood flow to and within the penis that impacts erection and quality of erection.

One could just rely on Viagra and other like drugs to get blood pumping and an erect penis. Understand that is a temporary solution and not a correction or creator of good sexual health. And it takes away some opportunity of fun spontaneity sex whenever and wherever you want or your partner engages.

What I love about modern medicine coupled with holistic approach is just about any and every issue that distances us from our best live ever can be corrected!

We just have to decide to live our best life ever!

I end on this note...

We all age, we all experience what age brings AND there is nothing you should be embarrassed about discussing with your partner and your health team. Don’t let ego get in the way of experiencing mind blowing sex now and for as long as you are breathing here on earth.

As you are learning there is so much that makes a truly healthy lifestyle. AND it is just as easy to achieve healthy as it is to live unhealthy... and much more fun and rewarding. I hope I am persuading you to make a healthy lifestyle priority and seek professionals that can help you achieve your best years yet regardless of age!!

I end on this note, erection health has a direct relationship to heart health so ignoring erectile dysfunction correlating it to health could be ignoring a more significant health issue that is a matter of life and death.