Let’s talk about sex... baby... let’s talk about you and me

Let’s talk about sex... baby... let’s talk about you and me

As Salt-n- Pepa sang “Lets talk about sex… baby… let’s talk about you and me.”

Well, We could talk about sex and I think we would all benefit more talking about sexual health!

When it comes to health and fitness so many get caught up in the superficial- you know- what we see in the mirror. If we look good we are good, right?

Not so fast. There are a lot of skinny fat people… and a lot of people that look great on the outside and have a lot of negative health going on inside.

I am passionate about and coach to living a truly healthy lifestyle! A truly healthy lifestyle encompasses so much more than what we see on the outside.

I believe a truly healthy lifestyle includes taking care of our mental health, our bodies internally with exercise and good nutrition, our bodies externally with exercise, good nutrition, and skin care, AND our sexual health.

A healthy lifestyle is equally important for both men and woman. We each face different challenges throughout life and I think we can agree that relationships are better when there is a strong sexual desire for one another, a strong sexual connection between you, and the energy to spend a lot of time having sex. When this part of a relationship is in sync relationships are just better! Life is just better… and a lot more fun!

Welcome to my three post series on sexual health for men and woman. I will be sharing what Alex and I have done and what we do to promote healthy sex organs to maintain youthful appearance, feeling, and response.

There will be tips for all ages and resources available.

One Life!