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Oxballs Stash Cockring with Aluminum Capsule Insert Black

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    Blue Ox Designs Oxballs


STASH cockring is a great bulge-making cockring it puts a fatter pad under your sackópushes you out and upÖand much moreóa hidden pocket at the base of the ring our plastic (non-scan non-metallic) capsule fits in to hideÖwhatever leafy dried herb you want to keep hidden.

Itís stealthy. Its sexy. Itís secret-agent fun.

Made of our squishy soft and strong TPR STASH is just a really good comfortable bulge-making cockring with another recreational purpose.

Width: 1î-2.5î/ 2.54 cm-6.35 cm

Height: 2.75î / 6.96 cm

Depth: .75î-1.25î / 1.91cm-3.18 cm

Outer circumference: 9.5î / 24.13 cm

Inner Circumference: 3.75 / 9.53 cm

Weight: 2.24 oz / 63.5 g