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Oxballs Invader Cocksheath Hot Pink Ice

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    Blue Ox Designs Oxballs


INVADER is Oxballs first open ended cocksheath that is built to fuck as long and hard as you want. The shape gradually adds more thickness to your shaft so the middle is the fattest and it narrows down at the tip so you get all the feel at the head--and the hole you plow gets more stimulation from your fatter humpy shaft.

Oxballs invented the modern cocksheath by morphing our original cocksling to a sheath creating the first sheath that really stay on no matter how hard you play. INVADER is that good and moreóour first open-ended sheath with wavy ripples on the shaft and texture inside so everyone gets max stimulation. Made of PLUS+SILICONEô our slick soft silicone & stretchy TPR blend.

Length: 6.5î/ 16.51 cm

Width: 1.5î- 2î/ 3.81cm ñ 5.08 cm

Depth: 1.5î/ 3.81 cm

Main hole circumference: 3.93î/ 9.98 cm

Shaft hole Circumference: 3.14 ì/ 7.98 cm

Inner shaft depth: 5î/ 12.7 cm

Ball hole circumference: 3.93î/ 9.98 cm

Smallest shaft circumference: 5.5î/ 13.97 cm

Usable shaft circumference: 5.5î- 6.25î/ 13.97 cm ñ 15.88 cm

Weight: 5.44 oz/ 154.22 g